Wawes before, now later

Ängelholm Waves 2016 with Thomas Nordström
They form a group, a family of objects. They belong together but
are also unique individuals of different shapes, sizes and structures.
They are interpretations of marine organisms.
The piece consists of three layers: shape, light and sound.
Old seashells are traces of history. Seashells and fossils
from octopus, for example, tells about continuity, they form timelines
and are mythical.
In the evenings, the objects are filled with light that give the place a warm atmosphere.

The third layer is a sound artwork where one of the objects on
The square is interactive and you can hear sounds when you are close and
during certain time intervals.
A composition in the form of documented audio memories, linked
fragments from other “parallel” squares as well as echoes from beaches
and seas. The work is made from samples, superstructures,
random audio parts that merge into a flow as continuous
changes content and character.