Annika Oskarsson is an artist  based in Stockholm. Her practice is focused on working within the public space. She is interested in nature, culture, technology and how it works together. She is interested in the way people move and interact in different contexts. In her works, she often define a site formation with different elements. Oskarsson tells stories in the form of spatialities that can be taken possession of and tested and used by different constellations of people. She is interested in children’s play, movement and thoughts. Traveling and movements in time and space are also a recurring theme in Oskarsson’s work.

Annika Oskarsson has a Master’s in ceramics and glass at Konstfack.
She has also taught art and design in the public realm at Konstfack and at HDK in Gothenburg.

CV Annika Oskarsson    Born in Nyköping 1967.

2008    University pedagogy art education Valand Gothenburg
1996 autumn  The University of Art and Design   Helsinki
91-96     Konstfack University Collage of Arts Crafts and Design
1988     Stockholm University Art history

Public art commissions

Hemlingborg school Gävle with Thomas Nordström
Mockfjärd Elderly housing with T.N
Sun Dementia accommodation Skien

Co-creation process Noltorpskolan Thinking together
KTH library Rootsystems towards light
Øystre Slidre Elderly housing Tree of life

Risvollan helsebygg Trondheim with T.N
Sketch Noltorpskolan Alingsås
Skiss Haukeland Universityhospital with T.N.

Bergen Åsane secondary school with
Thomas Nordström
Blakli Healthcare Trondheim med T.N
Come with me Uppsala Akademiska sjukhus

Kristinehamns healthcenter Hug
Rainplay Göteborg med 02 landskap and Thomas Nordström

Helsingborgs Hospital Sunwingssculptures with sunpanels with  Thomas Nordström
Skiss Blakli Helsebygg Trondheim med T.N.

Nye Gamlingen outdoor swimming pool Stavanger  first prize in competition Bubbles
Ulleruds Helsebygg Dröback, Flying
Helsingborgs hospital park Wings of sun med Thomas Nordström
Silverbirds för Veidekke Nya Barkarbystaden
Huskvarna town hall with T.N

Lookout Continuum Trondheim  first prize in competition with Thomas Nordström
Ängelholms square first prize in competition  with T.N
Spectrum Haugenstua preschool with T.N

On Route, caravan  along E 4 Vaggeryd with T.N.
Rambergsvallen Bravida arena indoors Everyone meets everyone
Hegg skole Lier med T.N Choreography

Flower for Åkerbergs preschool Enköping
Air spirit for preschool  Tranås
Sketch for Løren Metro station Oslo
Sketch City square Uddevalla med Thomas Nordström first prize in competition
Nord-Østerdal public school with T.N

Syklus,raincloud Skedsmo Kommune
Sketch för Rommensletta kunstpark
Sketch for Brumundal square Ringsaker kommune

Sketch for state guest reception building at BER airport “Art grove”.
Sketch for Stockholm public transport Citybanan
Sketch for Älmhult Square with Thomas Nordström
Sketch for a new wintersportarena in Östersund Sweden
Seamonument  16 seas 64 ships with Thomas Nordström.
Syklus, raincloud for Skedsmo Kommune sculpture park Norway
Cells Glassentrance and lightinstallation The new building for the
firedepartment in Nyköping
Dreams, Invitational competitionSculptures for city park in Eskilstuna Sweden
Hopsor playsculpture for kindergarten Järfälla
Threads Sculptures along the river in the city of Norrköping  with Thomas Nordström

Base Camp Public artwork for Lillesand school with Thomas Nordström.
City square Malmö with Land arkitekter 2010 Invited competition
Edmonton Police station, Kristiansand
Lystorn, Solknippe art for Baerum community center Norway
with Thomas Nordström.
Invitational international competition, concert hall in Stavanger Norway with T. N
Play sculpture for Solna city with T.N.
Pear Park Skansen Stockholm, art-playground with T.N.

Sketch  for play installation in Sigtuna city
Strange animals Rosenlunds Hospital.
Invitational sketch roundabout Huddinge Municipality

Tromsø Norway, four sculptures for the Port terminal, Capsule Nordnorsk
Art museum, Hybrid Tromsø  airport and Elevation Tromsø bridge  and Flow in the city Hall
with Thomas Nordström
Play sculptures for The National Federation of Peoples Parks and Community     centers in three cities Nässjö, Falun, and Skinnskatteberg.
Jarlabanke Bro Historic site design of outdoor exhibition and play to learn park
for Täby municipality with Thomas Nordström

Objects in memory and the stream of time,       
vestibule of a senior residence in Haninge, Stockholm.
Invitational sketch Tuppenpark in Norrköping
Otherland and home for Hares, playsculpture in Årstadal
for Stockholm public art council.
Beyond the mountains, Huddinge Hospital,

Invitational sketch Art along Göta Canal. Receivers in Kolmårds marble
Man the Planet and Entirety Uppsala Academical Hospital,
Smoking mosses photo Karolinska University Hospital .
Where do you want to travel? Three lightsculptures
Bro commuter train station. Stockholm.
Life, Man, his Senses and his Drives,
sculptures in sixteen classrooms at the Royal Institute of Technology, department of Machine Technology, for the National Public Art Council.

Projects and teaching

Art vending machine with Jeanette Path for the Cultural Capital in Stockholm
Lectures and workshopleader, Play and public art, in Bogotá, Mexico city and     Berlin, in connection to the exhibition Swedish Seeds.
Art Consultant for Stockholm Copunty Council
Teaching public art Beckmans Evening school
2012, 2013
Teaching  a course art in public spaces Konstfack University Collage of Arts Crafts and Design

2017 Teaching a coarse art in public space  Academy of Design and Craft Gothenburg for Master students and professionals


Semillas Suecas, Bogotá, Mexico City, Berlin, Moscow
Huts, Nacka Art center, Stockholm.
Red bear green goat, Gustavsbergs Artcenter, Stockholm.
We come in peace, Land art project in
Play, Nässjö Culture house, Nässjö
Room for children, Gallery Röda Sten, Gothenburg,
Space for play Swedish Form, Stockholm, Sweden
What are we waiting for? Devour hole, The Culture House, Stockholm.
Decoy Birds, Visitors, sound installation in the woods at Ulriksdal, Box Kraftverk Bjärtrå.
Courtship, Hågelbyparken, Stockholm, Birds that swim in a ring.
Experimenta 99, Lisbon, Portugal
The spirit of the place, Sound funnel
with sounds from underground with composer Mikael Karlsson, wall fractals and and     smoking mosses with Thomas Nordström and landscape architect Julie Toll in the     hillside at Rosendals Gardens, Stockholm.
Reflex, exhibit at Konstepidemin Gothenburg, room in the rock in Gothenburg silver plated glass.
Other Influences, Installation for the exhibit Rings on water Gotland Museum of Art
Glass gallery glasett Stockholm
Reflections, Gallery Kamras, Borgholm castle, Borgholm, Sweden
Invasion, installation at Sergels square, Stockholm, commissioned by Stockholm     Art Council

Selected scholarships

2004     The Arts Grants Committee
2001     Bus
1996     Swedish Institute scholarship for Japan studies
Johannesordens scholarship for glass