Solar wings solarpanel art


You can feel secure that the hospital and its staff take care of you. They help patients heal.
The insects in front of the hospital collect the sun’s rays, or rather the energy that the sun radiates.
The energy can then be used for everything we use energy for. Heating, light, electrical equipment and appliances and more.

The figures are a kind of metaphor for the recovery of the personal and the earth. With the help of renewable energy sources, a healing process is underway. They are revelations that have borrowed their expression from both nature and from what humans construct.

Being on site means a break on the way to or from the hospital or perhaps a break from work.
During the hours of daylight, energy is collected. In wintertime, the energy is given off in form of light. It acts as a kind of breathing.

The energy from the sun is basically infinite. Systems for extracting solar energy have developed far in recent years. Today, large areas are being built with solar panels that can economically compete with fossil energy.  Solarpanels laminated glass, stainless steel, benches in oak LED lighting