Root system, Light

Rope structure
The sculpture is like a root system that is on its way searching.
The roots are above ground like pillars and arcades.
Research and art practice similar methods. You work systematically based on a thesis. Whims and discoveries are visible in the result. It is not always that you solve a task as you thought when you started.
Knowledge, discoveries and achievements are an intricate web that enters and crosses each other in different ways.

The room is challenging and the sculpture takes the place of a beloved tree.
The rope structures are like soft clusters that sit where the metal arches meet.

Roots find their way where there are good conditions.
The most creative environments are found where different knowledge and experiences meet.
Where you can change your approach and try methods.
Knowledge builds further on the research and discoveries of others.

I think of absorbing knowledge, seeking information, being influenced, standing on several legs
meetings and cross-fertilization