Play in the rain

Large leaves like monumental dewcaps catch the raindrops. You hear a rattling sound in  as you sit under the roof. The water is collected in the roof surface and then passed on in a drainage system that eventually reaches collection areas where the children can use the water in the play. In Gothenburg it often rains.
Here are shallow water pools formed in the concrete that you can cycle through or splash in with the rubber boots. There is a large leaf in concrete with meandering gutters and cavities in the middle where you can stick your head up, where the water can be led or stopped by temporary sand builds. The leaf table is available for play with sand and water. Climbing clouds in thunderstorm blue which is like a heavy rain shower. The design was created after a citizens’ dialogue where the Gothenburg citizens seemed to think about what makes the city fantastic even when it rains and that it is fun to play in the rain too. The kids love the rain. Adults should remember rainwear and change clothes. O2 landskap, Thomas Nordström and Annika Oskarsson

Foto Ulf Celander