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Links Further Øystre Slidre Helsetun 2022
When you get old, thoughts arise about how life turned out. Instead of making plans for the future, you think about the past. What have I done and thought and what am I going to do next? In the universe and time, a human life is short. The perspective is breathtaking, those who are now old were once children and the other way around. In some way, we are part of the whole and contribute to development and survival. Fairy tales and legends accompany us from an early age. The stories are like companions, they teach us something about being human.

The tree
We see trees grow and change character with the seasons. Helsetunet is located by the river in the greenery but also close to the mountains, giving the site a special character that can only be found here. Many people have a relationship with nature in their surroundings.

The tree of life is a central symbol of life in many cultures. It is a mythical, almost archetypal concept, a metaphor for a common cultural or genetic heritage and a motif in many peoples' religion, art and philosophy.
The tree of life is also an ancient symbol of the cosmic order.
There were thoughts of a cosmic tree standing at the center of the world, with its roots in the earth and its branches stretched out towards the sun. The world axis in the center of the world with roots deep in the earth and top in the sky, the pole star like a tree.

cast alumium, blown glass and light