Huskvarna Municipality

Space textile in cooperation with The friends of Handicraft

Huskvarna town hall  Aviators

 Outlines and insights with Thomas Nordström

Where do I start and end?
Where does space start and end? How can something be endless? Is there life in other solar systems and galaxies?

Magic  and scary when we think of space. How far will you be able to travel in the future? The space is a metaphor, the possibility of learning is endless.


The aviators are like hybrids with possible associations for craft, boats and musical instruments.

One can imagine that they can both cross oceans and fly between continents and give their passengers global outlook.

The bodies are stable wooden constructions built with a variety of different types of wood: oak, birch, ash, walnut.
They have a tactile, durable, waxed surface, they are hollow and relatively lightweight.