Wings, flying



Wings, flying Ullerud’s health center

Those who move to Ullerud’s healthcenter need a lot of care. They do not have a long time left in their lives.¬† We have heard of death and it comes one day to all of us. Some believe in life after this. Others believe in science and when we die we become dust.

When somebody lost a close person. Or when you’ve had a shocking experience something that makes you feel lucky to be among the living. Then the little miracles appear. A fantastic scent, a pat on the cheek, a kind word. Perhaps you see the reflections in the water poles and see insects¬† fly. One marveles at what life still offers.

What is life then? What do we live for and what are left when we are gone? We share experiences and moments with the generations that follows. With many of the people we meet we share something. We develop ideas and thoughts.

Perhaps a person is dead when nobody remembers that he or she has lived.

Who does not dream of being able to fly. Going weightless with an unexpected perspective. See everything, the world we are used to see and experience from above.
Wings can be insects or birds. They can also be man-made technical constructions. Some seeds are provided with wings so that the seeds can travel and root elsewhere.
Seeds carry information and ability to root, grow and develop.

Photo Jiri Havran