What are we waiting for? Gothenburg

The expectation is what one suspects but does not know for sure and may not want to know. The expectation may be to wish something to happen. Expectations can be about life, about the world, about Christmas ... The longing or concern for something that is going to happen may involve different things. Longing can be beautiful and worthwhile. Worrying is often done unnecessarily. Sometimes it's dual feelings, longing and anxiety; Excitement and danger at the same time, terrified delight.

At the center of the circular surface is a box, a house or a packet, made for a special content. The object lives  it's full of light and it breathes. The box has slots where light seeps out. In a steady rhythm approximately eight times per minute, the light intensifies greatly to quickly return to sleep. That's the one pulse. The second pulse is slower. Approximately once every ten minutes, the when the light gets more intense thera are also fog coming out from the box.
Around the box stands a fence. A boundary similar to those of roadworks. One can see those warning of a hazard or as a queuing system for visitors to an attraction or perhaps a security check. The fences forms a labyrinth with a clear target point.