Spectrum Haugenstua

The light consists of colors in different wavelengths which together make us perceive the light as white or uncoloured. Looking through a colored window, the outside world also looks like it was colored by the light. When it's raining and the sun is shining, the water drops break the sun's rays and we can see the rainbow. It's magic. In the fairy tales there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow. In wintertime colored patterns are formed in the snow. When children are playingthey often often try different spaces with their body, how big is the place, what is my size?
Spectrat forms a kind of space where different games can take place. It acts as a catch of sight something you see when you look out the window or pass the walkway. Spectrat also becomes something that is seen on the move. Here is the preschool. Here are children from different cultures with different backgrounds and experiences. The staff at the  preschool takes advantage of the child's different conditions and stimulate communication. The kindergarten is surrounded by large houses with rented apartments.