The Sun wings are two characters, insects, craft, instruments or organisms that have landed close to each other. They are not equal but have a clear relationship and relationship with each other. Upon closer examination, the ornaments of the wings are made up of solar cells, which, like photosynthesis, collect the solar energy. The energy is used indirectly to illuminate the location.
The benches have a hexagonal shape that is inspired by cells and honeycomb structures. They are dispersed in different formations. Some have holes in the middle. Some has backrests. There is room for many people.
The vegetation consists of a meadow of grass and flowers, pleasant trees, freshly laid trees, grass and possibly, shrubs. 
The insects in front of the hospital collect during the bright part of the year and during the daylight the energy emitted by the sun. The electricity is charged to the electricity grid and can be used wherever it is needed. During the dark time of the day and in winter, energy is used in the form of light. It acts like a circuit, some kind of breathing.